Open Computer Code

Links to code from projects or math topics.

  • conSERN: fast generation of Spatially Embedded Random Networks (SERNs).
  • mgtoolkit: a Python toolkit for Metagraphs.
  • LinePicking: code for solving the Line Picking problem.
  • AutoNetkit: Automated network configuration toolkit
  • Topology Zoo: a project to collect and transcribe data network topologies from around the world.
  • COLD: network topology synthesis.
  • SAIL: Statistically Accurate Internet Loss Measurements.
  • Roulette code is available from GitHub, or via the Zip file listed below.
  • latexFromExcel is a little tool to incorporate Excel table information into a LaTeX document flexibly. Its Perl – live the dream :) Or at least don’t complain – I’m not going to rewrite in Python.

I’m getting into Julia, which is cool. Here’s a few snippets resulting from my attempts to learn it

Code available packed up neatly to download directly.

Name Date     2024-06-12 04:17:59.854126312 +0000 UTC     2024-06-12 04:17:59.854126312 +0000 UTC     2024-06-12 04:17:59.854126312 +0000 UTC
sail_code.tar.gz     2024-06-12 04:17:59.954124621 +0000 UTC
shells.m     2024-06-12 04:17:59.954124621 +0000 UTC