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Links for lecture 01 lecture01: Introduction and brief history of telecoms lecture02: Brief Computer Network History lecture03: Internet Design Principles lecture04: Network Optimization: Goals and Constraints lecture05: Optimization Introduction
lecture06: Routing: Intra-Domain (as a kind of optimization, Dijkstra) lecture07: Intra-Domain Routing (Floyd-Warshall, and implementation) lecture08: Convex Optimization (and intra-domain routing)
lecture09: The Network Design Problem intro lecture10: concave costs and related issues
lecture11: multicommodity flow problems and Minoux's greedy method
lecture12: budget constraint model and branch and bound lecture13: branch and bound (cont) lecture14: Randomized algorithms: simulated annealing lecture15: Randomized algorithms: genetic algorithms lecture16: tree-like networks lecture17: Advanced tree-like network design
lecture18: Internet Implementation an Tree-like networks lecture19: Inter-Domain Routing (policies) lecture20: BGP lecture21: Input data lecture22: Network Design without complete information
lecture23: Revision
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